Tinkering with Personalities
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I am a clumsy repairer, a junk loving tinkerer. Once something is broken or tossed into a junk pile I immediately want to find a new purpose for this forlorn object. This deep fascination for making a purpose out of excess is informed by my experience growing up in Scottsboro, Alabama. From junk to jewelry, Scottsboro has built a reputation through its businesses as having an interest in the unclaimed. Growing up in this small town, I was surrounded by makers, a community that took the pre-existing and attempted to bring it new life.

Whenever I work on a project, I tend to think back to earlier years of foraging with my friends. Fond memories of rust and dust have influenced my work with personality and self-portraiture. A person’s material possessions can help form their identity. In my work I take these types of possessions and transform them into a sculpture. My sculptures embody a particular persona and create a physical representation of how I remember certain people. Through investigation I want the viewer to relate the pieces to someone or somewhere from their past.