Tinkering with Personalities
Found Wood, VHS Tapes, Box Art and Dental Floss
Father, Cigar Box Guitar. Leon Knopps, my dad, was a man of many and few words. In moments of excitement he would talk your ear off. But in the standards of daily life he was a modern Jed Cooper from Hang Em' High his pensive stare while smoking a cigarette in the morning before going off to work mirrored Clint Eastwoods even down to the squinted glare. Since he made his living as a contract painter, he painted houses, he lives a what is needed to complete the job kind of life. The movies were the way we connected as father and son. He would explain them to me at times, this is referenced in the childlike puzzle application of the movies into a Cigar Box Guitar. A cigar box guitar because, well lets face it, it is the west. A rough standby.
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